FILM Our freestyle routines.
Performing at Stockholm Dogshow
Working as break entertainer 2015.
The Golfer Routine
Swedish championship Heelwork To Music 2018.
Music Scott Joplin
Tired Of Working routine
Freestyle competition 2014.
Music Dolly Parton.
The Disco routine.
Freestyle competition 2013.
Music Bee Gees.
The Artist routine
Freestyle Swedish Championships 2011.
Music Jasques Brél.
Short cuts from Stockholm Dog Show.
Swedish Championships 2013. First short cut me and Oscar.
Freestyle SHOW at Stockholm Dog Show 2011.
FCI celebrates centenary and us freestylers have put together a show where each equipage is representing a decade between 1911 and 2011. Oscar and I represent the 1980's and we come in at 6.45.
The Nine to Five routine
Freestyle competition 2012.
Music Dolly Parton.
The Nine to Five routine.
Final Agria Freestyle Elite Challenge 2012 at MyDog DogShow Göteborg.
Music Dolly Parton.
The Golfer routine
Heelwork To Music competition 2014.
Music Scott Joplin.
Heelwork class 2
Märsta BK 2013.
Music Scott Joplin.